How Last Mile Technology Can Help Your Field Sales Team visiting more Clients
with the Help of Online Route Optimization & Digitisation

Help your field sales to get in touch with more clients. With justGO you always find the best route to visit your clients.

  • Optimize and digitize your routes in minutes
  • No IT integration needed
  • Simple upload your addresses via Excel or CSV file with all constraints (i.e. individual stop times)
  • Plan different time slots per day
  • Get accurate ETAs and know when you are at your clients door

We have designed justGO to be a simple to use and fast to adapt solution for a wide range of industries but for the furniture industry in particular.
Thus with the Help of our External Route Optimization your company can

Customize the B2C Delivery Experience

by offering the most convenient delivery time slots and / or new delivery time slots and areas to your customers.

  • simply upload your addresses to justGO (including all your constraints regarding package size and stop times)
  • select the vehicles you want to use
  • select the delivery time slot & day
  • get your results in under 60 seconds

Reducing Management Costs

  • invite new carriers via email within seconds
  • track (new) carriers on your map / interface
  • download the summary of your deliveries for further usage in your existing
    ERP / TMS system
    billing system

Challenge this case in under 10 minutes and let us know where you’d use this process or what you’d like to see improved.

  • Sample data already provided in the system
  • Mobile app works almost worldwide (if not, let us know)
  • Individual feedback after each optimization
  • Save to use for all parties
  • Free to test (no credit card required)

Get started and try it with 100 free deliveries. (no credit card required)

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