Perfect Last Mile Delivery Solution

  • up to 10 vehicles
  • up to 250 deliveries per route
  • no coding required

Optimize 100 deliveries for FREE

No credit card or preparation needed; you can easily try it with our sample address .xlsx file

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  • Turn-key solution

    No coding required

  • Save time

    Multi-vehicle optimization in under 1 minute

  • Simple integration

    No driver accounts needed

  • Real-time notifications

    See the progress of your delivery routes in real time on a map

  • Delight customers

    Serve your customers within time windows

  • No Training Required

    Get your routes optimized in 5 easy steps

The best route optimization in seconds for a wide range of industries

Learn how justGO supports various cases

  • Freight forwarder

    Integrate and digitize urban B2C deliveries

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  • Track & Digitize your Deliveries

    Live-Track & Digitize any delivery without changing or building any IT System

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  • Local Retailer

    Build your own Last Mile Delivery Service and expand your local business

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  • Furniture delivery

    Delight your customers with a new delivery experiences

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Learn more about our features and their advantages, which speak for the use of justGO in your daily work.

  • Mobile app to realize your optimized route

    Native Android and iOS mobile app for complete digitized delivery process

    1. Energy saving mode
    2. Operates on low data usage and unstable internet connection
    3. Multi language - English, French, German
    4. Live status updates of each delivery, including failed deliveries
    5. Navigate to next stop with your installed navigation app
  • Multi-vehicle optimization in under 1 minute

    1. Taking up to 250 urban deliveries and 10 vehicles into consideration and balance the time-utilisation equally between all drivers
    2. Choose your fleet for your urban deliveries with vehicles up to 12t
    3. Know when the delivery will take place with calculated ETA
    4. Define individual service times per delivery
  • Smart address importer

    Import your deliveries from CSV or XLS into the system

    1. Manually match or correct fields from your imported data, if needed
  • Individual time window

    Satisfy your customers with time window deliveries. You can also specify individual time windows per delivery to show up at your customer during the their opening hours. The route optimization automatically take all time windows into account

  • Live tracking

    Tracking all drivers that use the mobile courier app from justGO on a map in real-time

  • Performance overview

    Summarizing the performance of your drivers on one page

  • Print performance overview

    Print or save the performance overview for later evaluation as PDF

  • Proof of delivery

    Digital documentation of your deliveries in real-time. Signatures are captured by the mobile app as a proof of delivery. All covered in one place in JustGo to have simply access if it comes to claim requests.

  • Define Start or End location of your drivers

    Specify individual start locations per driver or let your drivers end the route at their place to be at home in time for dinner.

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You NEED justGO if:

  • you have up to 10 vehicles
  • you have up to 250 deliveries per route
  • you need better optimization of routes
  • you need better overview of your drivers
  • wants to deliver more

You may NOT NEED justGO if:

  • you visit fewer than 10 destinations per day
  • you are looking for GPS solution
  • you don't want to save your & your driver's time
  • your profits are extremely high and you don’t need any optimization

How it works

See how simple it is to get your routes optimized and your fleet managed.

  1. justGO - Select fleet

    Select fleet

    Select up to 10 vehicles from five urban vehicle categories (max. 7,5 t).

  2. justGO - Import addresses

    Import addresses

    Upload up to 250 addresses via CSV or Excel files. In case needed, manually match or correct address fields on the fly. You can try it easily with our sample address .xlsx file, no need to prepare your own address file.

  3. justGO - Optimize in seconds

    Optimize in seconds

    Define the date for the route and get it optimized in under 60 seconds. Optimization will distribute all stops equally to your driver pool.

  4. justGO - Visually check results

    Visually check results

    Check your optimization on a map including all essential information (i.e. vehicles used, total deliveries, deliveries per address, etc.)

  5. justGO - Distribute to mobile app instantly

    Distribute to mobile app instantly

    No registration needed for your drivers. Simply assign them to the optimized routes via email.

  6. Get started and try it with 100 free deliveries!

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Benefit from 10 years of experience in an easy to use package! Build on the award winning tiramizoo system.